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DanzNewz Appreciation Post

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Family Potrait

cameraman: “Ready? Smile!”

koots: “Alright kids, show him a great, big smile!”

danz: “Smile baybee~”

seamus: “Do we have to?” *meh smile*

spoon: “ALRIGHT!”

sly: “C’mere ya little brat!”

james: “Ahahaha! Yeah! Take this a-hole!”

alek: “Damn dude! Stop it! I’m trying to look good!”

cameraman: “eh heh…” *snaps*

 HUEHUEHUEHUEHEUHEU i am done!!! yayyyyyyy~ sry it took so long. school started so need to set time for school works and i dont wanna leave this hanging^U^ also sry for like the most simpliest of shading and colouring :[ hope you guys love it^U^

ouh yea…psst.. thrs an easter eggy in this pic, see whether u can find it B] (nothing impt if u dont wanna find it ^U^)

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Found someone cosplaying as Kootra. 
Ze’s Pax Simulator 2014 video (19:00)

And a guy cosplaying as me to the left!

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Whoop whoop found The Creatures on Instagram’s Explore thing. What a great picture of them too!

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

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Carl enjoying his cushion den I made for him :)

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Here we have it. The Creatures as members of The Avengers.

Nova as Iron Man

Kootra as Thor

Dan as Hawkeye

Aleks as Black Widow 

Seamus as Captain America 

Ze as Hulk

and Sly as Nick Fury

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Cheer Up Post #1186


For the anon who would like SSoHPKC, UberHaxorNova, and DanzNewz, Enjoy!

Youtuber Masterpost

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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I made these a while back but I just added them to this paper recently. I am proud of myself. They are all so cute!!

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the truth, thanks for everything you stupid jerks

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lineless art is actual pain dont talk to me

a commission for a friend 

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I finished and old treetopia drawing bless

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He needs the diamonds He needs the diamonds to dance

He need the dDdDdddDDdDDDDdDd diamonds 

Check out  Koots in Ep. 92 of TreeTopia here! —> (A)