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dynamitedezi asked: Since you recently got a new tattoo, can you give me some advice when going in to get one. If I have a general idea of what I want but need some help on some final details would the tattoo artist be able to help fill in those details? And should I bring a friend to help keep me distracted? Plus I love how you tattoos came out, they look awesome!

Best thing to do would be go in to talk to an artist, help form a good idea with what you want and what they can do. Then set up a time to come in. It may take an artist some time to work out an image if it’s custom/complicated.

And I would say go with a friend if you can. I was holding Liz’s hand and squeezing relatively hard when it came to getting tatoo’d around the back of my upper arm near my armpit… it can be pretty painful.

Also, thank you! Good luck!!!

smathsinsuomaidh asked: What is Silver Skull's melee weapon of choice?

An Iron Bone!

Anonymous asked: what does liz think of your tattoo?

She thinks it’s bad ass… and I think the same about hers! :)


Yes, I want to very much so… just gotta get my save file for Season 1 Ep5 worked out…

matthewstacks asked: What ever happened to Trapville?

Still in progress… there’s a lot of reasons why it’s taking so long… but, you should see it one day…

Anonymous asked: What did you get a tattoo of?

Batman and The Joker… there’s gonna be more to it down the line, but I’ve started with them facing off…

hexode asked: Hey Dan, I'm a huge fan of you and of all the Creatures. There's a specific episode (or rather, sequence of episodes) of your (and Koots' and Dex's) GTA Online series in which youse guys rode around in a junky ambulance and tried to escape the police. I'm a game developer and I'm inspired by that series of events, and I'm starting work on a game called "The Painkillers" (tentative title obv). It'd be free and open-source but I want your blessing. What I'm asking is, do I have your permission?

I don’t mind, sounds cool… let me know where you go with it! :)

jacertucker asked: What happened to that intro on the creature hub with carl in the middle with a little dinging sound? It was there for like two days... Is it because people hated it?

That’s gonna be just for Shorts/Montages/and Movie Night Intros… it’s taken the place of the old one that would fade in and show the “Epic Carl”…

Anonymous asked: Are you guys gonna be at Comic Con this year?

Unfortunately not… 

skyraptor94 asked: Hey Dan! I'm gonna be straight forward on this. I need video related help. Ive been doing let's plays on youtube for a good bit now, but a major problem I keep having is the amount of time it takes for my videos to upload (usually between 8, 9, 10 hours) as well as having problems with videos being too dark when I finish rendering a video in Sony Movie Studio. I was wondering what format I should render videos in to lessen the time to upload and fix the lighting issue, If it's possible.

Upload may just be your speeds… and with Movie Studio or Vegas, rendering .mp4 generally darkens the footage… so your options are 1) Brighten the game footage in the game options when you play. 2) Brighten the footage in editing with Brightness/Contrast settings. 3) Render in .wmv, that’ll render it with a slightly washed out/brighter look and it may upload faster as well.

bryandan1elson asked: How come some of your GTA V play through can't be played on mobile devices? For example part 15 (the one hour special) cannot be played on mobile.

A lot of that playthrough has copyright claims on the parts… that had happened when youtube went nutz-o with the auto claiming stuff… so it probably has disabled it for mobile for rights reasons… sorry. :(


When you are reading fanfiction and your mum asks what you are doing..

—Life is Beautiful SlyFox Version


Found this beauty in my audio folder and I don’t know which CT this is from, probably around March.