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What happened between Max and I.

So for those of you who don’t know, Max is no longer apart of The Creatures. This wasn’t a decision that was made lightly, easily, or with any sort of glee. 

There were no nefarious motives or strong-arming. We took it to a vote, a majority (not just Koots and I as people seem to be suggesting) decided that Max was no longer going to be a Creature.

A year ago Max was my best friend. We talked everyday when I would get home from work. I pretty much only recorded videos with him. He’s crazy talented at what he does, he has a good sense of humor, we share so many of the same interests. If I was into men, I probably would’ve proposed to him at some point a year ago. 

We had a connection. All we talked about (even before we thought to take the Creatures and do something more with the group) was how awesome it would be to live together and make videos together, hangout, and just sit around watching Star Trek all day. And then we actually moved into the same house. It was fun and exciting, but as time went on and we were all hanging out downstairs watching movies and such, Max began to participate in that less and less. It came to the point where he was just around when we were doing something for the Hub and nothing more. He hardly ever hung out after hanging out with him daily on Skype before and that hurt. It became harder and harder to talk or interact with him.

Eventually we all sat down and talked about it. I opened up and told him everything I felt. He knew that I had been acting differently around him, most of us were and it didn’t make him feel good. So we talked it out and things felt better. I could talk to him again and it wasn’t awkward. He was around more, it was great.

He eventually moved out and as time went on he was at the house less and less. To the point where when we spontaneously decided to do something or film something random, he wasn’t around. He was around for things like some streams, creature talk, shorts. But, he was there for that and then he was gone. I eventually got fed up with it and irritated. I talked to him about our friendship for the last time and said that I was done. Him and I weren’t friends anymore. I tried to reach out and continually nothing would change. So why would I continue to try? I was tired of making the effort when it wouldn’t change anything.

This was all 4 or 5 months ago. Now when people have a falling out with someone they were good friends with, they can simply ignore them. Or walk away. But, I couldn’t do that because we work together. I’ve sat and acted like everything was alright, like Max and I got along. Whenever he would talk to me, I’d reply, I’d chuckle, but he was the last person I would want to talk to. Working like that for month after month isn’t tolerable. I felt like I couldn’t be myself fully when I was around him.

When it came down to it, I couldn’t take doing that anymore. I brought it to the group and everyone made their decision. It wasn’t all personal and it wasn’t all business. Our business is being stupid and playing video games, and watching movies, and generally being stupid. We hardly take anything seriously, I hardly take anything seriously. I pride myself on that. 

We aren’t sitting in the shadows counting money and planning the next person to kick out of the group. Money isn’t a factor in this. We have legitimate reasons for the decisions we’ve made up to this point. Not everyone may agree with our decisions, but it’s our choice to make. I went in the talk with Max being completely honest about everything. We all did, and that’s why Koots and I are getting the finger pointed at because we were both the ones who mostly directly work with Max and we reached a boiling point where we had to make a decision.

I knew my decision wouldn’t be popular. I knew I’d get hate, death-threats, people unsubscribing in droves as has been happening. But, that doesn’t matter to me. If someone doesn’t want to watch my content because of a decision I made, I can’t help that. All I can do is make a decision that will make things easier in the long run. When working together on a project for the Hub, I don’t have to pretend everything’s alright with me when it isn’t. I can have fun with my friends and be dumb. And the people who want to still watch my videos can watch my videos. Because, this is what I’m passionate about. Entertaining people, satisfying my creativity, interacting with you guys. This is what I love to do. Anyone who suggests money was a motive behind all this is wrong. I’m not happy things had to get so serious, but they did.

So, hopefully this explains a bit for you guys.

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